BloodPressMgr 2.7

Record and plot your blood pressure readings

This application keeps track of the blood pressure readings. The readings are highlighted with different colors based on the pressure values. The program also shows the overall average statistics and the weekly distribution.

All the pressure values can be plotted on several graphs with the ideal, borderline and hypertension lines. Using a Windows Desktop program you can print, plot additional graphs and export the readings data.

You can also export to a comma delimited file the records of your readings database using an command line utility under Linux, BeOS and Solaris. The exported file can be imported in almost all spreadsheets (like StarOffice or Excel).

Key features of BloodPressMgr include:

  • For each reading tracks: date, time, systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse and a notes. If the notes begins with a numerical value then you can plot it in the notes graph. This feature is useful for track the body weight.
  • Different series of data. This feature is helpful for those that wants to track more than one person on the same handheld.
  • Readings selection. This feature permits to select a group of readings and see the related statistics and the graph for it.
  • Overall, weekly, hourly and season averages/minimums/maximums statistics for systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse.
  • Line graphs for pressure, pulse and notes values
  • Systolic and diastolic average lines graph
  • Systolic and diastolic histogram graph
  • Bar graphs for pulse and notes
  • Graph customization with the preferences
  • Reading information popup window when you tap in the graph.

Comprehensive blood pressure record program.

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BloodPressMgr 2.7

User reviews about BloodPressMgr

  • by Anonymous

    BloodPressureMgr 2.7 is OK.
    I have been using this program on my Sony Clie for a couple of weeks, and it is a go...   More